Carports & Concrete Slabs

Choosing your Carport

Our carports come in 2 different styles for you to select from.  We offer a single slope and a stand alone carport.  We also offer a gabled roof carport as well.  The carports are built with 14 gauge galvanized or red oxide iron.  We use 14 gauge 4x4 steel posts either attached to a slab or concreted into the ground.  You have the option as well to connect your carport to your home and have a sidewalk with an awning to cover you as you enter your home.

Need a Concrete Slab?

Our standard concrete slabs are poured as follows:  14x14 chainwall beam with (4) #4 rebar, 4" thick slab with 6x6 6 gauge wire mats tied, 6 mil moisture barrier, 3000 psi.

Our standard finish is an ultra light broom that will give just a little traction so you don't slip, but smooth enough to be swept or use your blower to clean.

Driveways are poured 4" thick with wire mats as well.

*We offer piers and bell holes*

Concrete Pumping

We offer several different pumping solutions for your hard to reach concrete areas.  We have a line pump that will allow us to go approx. 250 ft. as well as pump trucks.

We also offer dirt and pad site services.